Genesis 5 – From Adam to Noah

Genesis 5

Chapter 5 is all about ancestry of Noah. I couldn’t wonder more how well the history is documented here. Let me try to condense it like this:

Adam(930) -> Seth(912) -> Enosh(905) -> Cainan(910) -> Mahalaleel(895) -> Jared(962) -> Enoch(365*) -> Methusaleh(969) -> Lamech(777) -> Noah


  • Noah was the tenth generation
  • Methusaleh lived the longest – 969
  • Enoch was special and walked with God! He was “taken” by God at the age of 365 years
  • After Adam, only 2 people walked with God – Enoch and Noah
  • Only 2 people were “taken” by God – Enoch and Elijah
  • When we add the years at which each of the above people were born 1556 years were passed before the Great Flood

Points to Ponder:

  • Why was Enoch special and what was his role?

4 thoughts on “Genesis 5 – From Adam to Noah

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